George Levantovsky is a Finnish-based musician, producer, mixing engineer and a songwriter. From the early age George has always been surrounded by music. He holds two bachelor degrees from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences which are Pop and Jazz Degree (2010) (main studies on tenorsax), and Sound engineer’s/Producer’s degree (2013). Since 2014 he have been running his own studio wich he built himself located in Vantaa.

For over 10 years George has pursued his dreams in music with intense passion and integrity. Since 2001 he have had an opportunity to work in the studios and on stages in Finland and also abroad with such top artists as Lenny Pickett (Soloist & Saturday Night Live band’s musical director), Ed Jones (US3), New York Voices, Stephen Webber (Berklee College of music), Will Wells, Mc.Raydar Ellis, Ulas Aksunger, JJG Australian Hip Hop Collective. Also with some major names from Finnish Pop/Jazz scene such as Aleksi Tuomarila (Tomasz Stanko Quintet), Joonatan Rautio, Manuel Dunkel, Markus Holkko (U Street All Stars), Aki Rissanen, Panu Savolainen, Mikael Jakobsson (Five Corners Quintet), Tuomas J.Turunen, Ville Pynssi, Toni Porthen, Tomi Saikkonen and many others.

His power of will and uncompromised originality has seen him develop genres and artists far beyond their normal confines. Music flows through him and he likes to challenge himself and expand his knowledge in different music genres.